Pregnancy and Birth Prayer

By Deirdre Morris

A friend of mine Safrina passed this on to me. She believes it may have been written by Catherine Ponder but is not sure.

You can change the word God to the Universe, Holy Spirit or whatever resonates with you.

“As I prepare myself for the delivery of my baby, I am calm, serene and relaxed. God is in charge and God is with me and my baby. Every person and every situation connected with this birth is in tune with God’s orderly direction, and everything is perfectly timed.

Peace, joy and power now fill my mind and body. I am a channel through which the creative power of God is working, and my whole being responds with ease. My body is flexible, adjustable, and strong.

This new life glorifies God and is being brought into the world safely, with no harm to the baby or to me. Every part of me and every function of my body adjusts to this birth with ease. The pattern of perfect birth, set by the creative law of God-life, includes the cleansing and restoring of my body.

After the delivery, every part of my body will be restored to perfection. Filled with thankfulness and joy, I rest. The power of God has brought forth my perfect baby.”

And so it is….

A lovely way to end the day when pregnant.

Thanks Safrina, Catherine and all those involved in the creation of this.

In joy,

Deirdre Morris

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