Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) in Breastfeeding and Pregnancy

By Deirdre Morris

Last Tuesday, we had a special Blog Talk Radio show focusing on how to use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to release blocks to success in Breastfeeding.

Emotional Freedom Technique is an amazing tool with its origins in Chinese Medicine. Similar to Acupuncture but without the needles, Emotional Freedom Techniques helps you to release blocks (which include tension, anxiety etc.) in your body so that energy can flow freely again.

By tapping with your fingers on certain points on the body (linked to various meridians) you can release tension around issues that are coming up for you.

My colleague and Goal Setting Expert Joanne Roibu  and myself are currently putting together an audio programme applying Emotional Freedom Technique to Pregnancy so that you can experience Joy in Pregnancy.

Joanne kindly agreed to join us as a guest on our Breastfeeding Radio Show to explain to us about Emotional Freedom Technique. Co-host Maire Clements, author of ‘The New Motherly Art of Conscious Breastfeeding’, shared with us how she has used EFT in her practice on babies with great results.

Joanne then guided me (and the listeners) through a sample session of Emotional Freedom Technique live on the show.

Click here  to hear the show and learn more about EFT. You can also follow the guided session with me in order to support your breastfeeding.

Joanne and myself are putting together a programme for Breastfeeding mums and babies too. We would love to hear the concerns and issues you have experienced around breastfeeding so that we can include them. Please let us know what they are! 

In joy,

Deirdre Morris


  1. linda welch says:

    hi there

    my breastfeeding went so well w both babies however I hear from women about “not enough milk” these are typically working moms who go back to work in 6-8 weeks!!!!!they usually end up formula feeding, and all moms here in new hartford ny receive a supply of formula when they leave the hospital. I just met a woman who nursed adopted twins that were drug addicted. Best Linda Welch

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