Birth Myth: Breech Babies Require Cesarean

By Deirdre Morris

Being pregnant with our glorious twins I am acutely aware that in many parts of the western world a cesarean would be considered a necessary procedure! Here too (in Espana).

Thankfully, with the help of the law of attraction, I have found a hospital with an empowering attitude towards mum, dad and baby and a view that birth is, in fact, natural. Yippee! So, I can deliver vaginally even though we are having twins. Great.

And then we discovered that one of the babies is in breech…..

So I was thrilled with my doctor’s reaction. All is well as far as he is concerned! We are still on for a natural, vaginal birth!

I found this video that shares one couple’s story of their 3 breech babies.

“Refusal of vaginal breech is a human rights violation in that it forces a woman to agree to surgery in order to obtain medical care. The right to informed consent is meaningless where there is no right to informed refusal.” - Henci Goer

Focus on what YOU want your birth experience to be. Intend to attract skilled people who support your vision in a safe, empowering way. And know that it doesn’t matter what your experience up to now has been.

You are a powerful creator and can begin to harness the wonder of the universe and create a magical beginning for you and your baby now!

In joy,

Deirdre Morris

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  1. Tricia Eustach says:

    Oh my God! That was the most inspiring video! I cried all the way through. I am currently 35 weeks pregnant and my baby is breech at the moment. I am lucky to have a midwife who is willing to do a home breech birth. She also has another midwife contact who specializes in breech births. Thanks for sharing this beautiful story. Best wishes.

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